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Geeky Subscription Boxes For UK Gamers and Fans


Everybody’s heard of Loot Crate. Odds are you’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of YouTube videos of Loot Crate unboxings, but Loot Crate isn’t the only subscription box available for nerds and geeks in the UK. There’s a whole world of lesser known boxes that could soon be coming winging their way to your door full of goodies and surprises. Let’s check out a few alternatives.

The Big One: Loot Crate

Order at: www.lootcrate.com

Price: £24/month (incl. shipping) for standard Loot Crate, prices vary on other crates

Good for: Gamers, otakus, horror fans, Potterheads, Trekkies, Marvel fans

Did you know Loot Crate has a whole range of different crates? There’s your traditional Loot Crate, which changes from month to month but usually opts for your big pop culture brands like Marvel, DC, Netflix shows, and nostalgic fondness like Transformers or Jurassic Park. But there’s also Loot Crate DX, LootWear, LootAnime… There’s pretty much everything the geek crowd could possibly want to choose from.

At time of writing, here’s the full list of crates you can get:

Loot Crate: Toys, mugs, collectibles, from big pop culture brands (e.g. Marvel/DC) or nostalgic goodness (e.g. Transformers, Jurassic Park)

Loot Crate DX: Same as the Loot Crate, just bigger with more high quality goods

LootWear: Same as the Loot Crate, but only wearable items – tees, socks, underpants, etc.

LootAnime: Anime collectibles only, e.g. Naruto, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Death Note

LootFright: Horror related goodies, e.g. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tales from the Crypt

LootGaming: Gaming stuff only, e.g. HALO, Skyrim, Bioshock

HALO Legendary Crate

Fallout Crate

Destiny 2 Crate (limited edition)

Deadpool Crate

Marvel Crate

WWE Slam Crate

Sanrio Crate

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World Crate

Firefly Crate

Star Trek Mission Crate


Loot Crate Pros:

  • So many options. Holy variety, Batman!
  • Discount codes tend to pop up frequently – check their website
  • Lots of different big brands
  • Loads of videos of famous YouTubers unboxing Loot Crates available so you can get a sense of what to expect before you subscribe
  • Referral/affiliate scheme

Loot Crate Cons:

  • They deliver to the UK, but they’re US-based, which means extra shipping time.
  • Everyone’s doing it, so if you want to have some really unique merch, this isn’t the way to go.


For Harry Potter fans: GeekGear

Order at: https://geekgearbox.co.uk/

Price: £24.99/month (incl. shipping) for GeekGear Classic, prices vary on other boxes

Good for: Potterheads, Geeks who aren’t looking for too much variety

GeekGear is a UK based alternative to Loot Crate. The nice thing about a UK based subscription box is that you won’t have to wait as long for your boxes to get to you, although the pricing seems to be roughly equivalent to Loot Crate. GeekGear offers a couple of boxes much like Loot Crate’s standard crates, containing retro goodies as well as pop culture collectibles, like Star Wars or Marvel/DC. They also seem to be heavily focused on Harry Potter merch, with 3 out of the 5 boxes they offer specifically themed around the wizarding world!


The boxes offered by GeekGear at time of writing are:

GeekGear Classic: Toys, notebooks, collectibles, from big pop culture brands (e.g. Marvel/DC) or nostalgic goodness

GeekGear Classic Special Edition: Like GeekGear Classic, but with higher quality merch

GeekGear Wizardry: Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts themed collectibles only

GeekGear Wizardry Wearable: Same as GeekGear Wizardry, but only wearable items, e.g. tees, hoodies, scarves

GeekGear Wizardry Special Edition: Like GeekGear Wizardry, but with higher quality merch


GeekGear Pros:

  • UK based company means shorter shipping time and less chances for anything to go wrong in transit
  • Heavy Harry Potter focus – good if you consider yourself a Potterhead!

GeekGear Cons:

  • Not much variety, and it looks like the brands they have deals with aren’t as numerous as Loot Crate – good if you want to be surer of what you might get, bad if you want more surprises
  • Pricing is no cheaper than Loot Crate, surprising considering the cost of shipping from the US vs local shipping


For Geeks Who Like Kids Shows: Infinity Crates

Order at: https://www.infinitycrates.co.uk/

Price: £16.99/month (excl. shipping) for their Classic Crate, prices vary on other boxes

Good for: Geeky kids or geeks who like kids shows, T-shirt lovers who don’t want other wearables

Another UK based alternative to Loot Crate, Infinity Crates has a few unique features not seen in the other options. First off, they have a crate just for kids (or people who like kids shows), which is a cute idea for geeky parents who want to treat their family. Secondly, they have a crate that’s just t-shirts, which is great for people like me who don’t necessarily want Marvel-themed underpants or socks but like having graphic design tees.

The biggest perk of Infinity Crates is that your box is personalised based on the interests you fill out in your profile. That adds a real touch of customer service that goes above and beyond the other crate companies.


Here’s the full list of the crates available at time of writing:

Classic Crate: Toys, POP figurines, collectibles, from big pop culture brands (e.g. Marvel/DC, Supernatural, Adventure Time)

Premium Crate: Like Classic Crate, but bigger and with higher quality merch

Kids Crate: Toys, tees, collectibles, from kids shows or games (e.g. Minecraft, Disney)

T-Shirt Only Crate: Only t-shirts


Infinity Crates Pros:

  • Personalised boxes adds a nice touch
  • Kids crate is the first we’ve seen of its kind
  • Reasonable prices
  • T-Shirt Only Crate offers an alternative to other wearable crates

Infinity Crates Cons:

  • None of the specialised variety boxes as offered by Loot Crate, although some of that will be accounted for by the personalisation service


Digital Games Every Month: Humble Bundle Monthly

Order at: https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly

Price: $12/month (about £9/month)

Good for: Gamers

Okay, technically, this isn’t a subscription box in the typical sense. But it is a monthly subscription of different games, all redeemable on Steam or available as DRM-free downloads, for only $12/month (about £9/month). 5% goes to charity, and you get to keep your games even if you cancel. This month’s bundle includes Hearts of Iron IV, Blackwake, and Portal Knights, and previous bundles have included Dead Rising 4, Kerbal Space Program, Outlast 2, and Deus Ex Mankind Divided. You also get access to the Humble Trove when you subscribe, which is a catalog of 50+ indie and lesser known games.


Humble Bundle Monthly Pros:

  • Great for gamers
  • Some impressive titles for a fraction of their usual price
  • Good genre variety – platformers, RPGs, horror, RTS, etc.

Humble Bundle Monthly Cons:

  • If you’re not a gamer, this will hold no interest for you
  • Not for anyone who wants to play the newest titles as soon as they come out, as even the big titles on the Humble Bundle Monthly are six months to a year after release
  • No guarantee you won’t get games you already own




Looking for more subscription boxes? You can check out CrateJoy (https://www.cratejoy.com/) which lists and categorises a huge variety of different subscription boxes.

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