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Top Predictions for Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4



Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars is all but guaranteed a fourth season at this point, especially with Season 10 of the main show on the way out. So it’s time to start speculating which of our favourite Ru girls will be getting a second chance at the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

No, Willam won’t be making this list – that ship has long since sailed and we all know it by now. The queens of Season 5 will also not be getting a spotlight, they had All Stars 2 for that. Be sure to check out each queen’s merch on Redbubble!


Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

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Hot off the cha cha heels of Season 10, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo may very well be the most iconic first exit. Who can forget that iconic backwards exit, to the tune of Miss Vanjie… Miss Vanjie… Miss… Vaaaaanjie. It would be a huge missed opportunity to not bring back this queen.


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Robbed not once, but twice, Raven made her debut way back in Season 2. Raven also made it to the first All Stars. Though a third chance might seem a bit much, Raven is one of the most memorable queens of the show. Plus, Bebe won Drag Race and still got to be part of All Stars 3.

Adore Delano

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Another queen to have already had a second chance in Drag Race All Stars 2, but the first queen to ever voluntarily leave the show. After just one episode, fans were robbed of the chance to see this top three queen fight their way through All Stars. With a thicker skin, it would be great to see more of Adore.

Courtney Act

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Making the top three of Season 6 alongside Adore Delano, and both having featured on Idol franchises, it would be great to see the two together again. More recently Courtney won 2018’s Celebrity Big Brother, so this would be another great opportunity for her.


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All Stars 4 will be the second chance for a lot of Season 6 queens, and who could forget Vivacious? Or, more importantly, who could forget Vivacious’ second head Ornacia? We can only hope that Ornacia makes it in to All Stars 4. Preferably with Vivacious.


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Before appearing in Season 9, Peppermint was already creating a buzz on social media as a transgender drag queen. There was some controversy over Rupaul’s comments post-Season 9 about trans queens being allowed on to the show. Though a statement and apology was made, bringing Peppermint back would show a big step towards a more diverse Drag Race.

Mrs. Kasha Davis

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There’s always time for a second shot at the Drag Race Hall of Fame. Everyone loved this comedy queen from Season 7 and we were heartbroken to see her go. Here’s hoping Mr. Kasha Davis is happy to let his more fabulous half come back for more.


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Max was one classy queen, never stooping to crass humour with the rest of the queens. This occasionally rubbed a few of the other girls the wrong way, and her Disney Sharon Needles sent her home in the end. It would be good to see if Max has matured a little for All Stars 4.

Kim Chi

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Drag or art? That was the question on many people’s lips when looking at Kim Chi’s flawless looks in Season 9 (of course, we all know drag IS art). Sadly those flawless looks only got her to the top three. If Kim Chi came back for All Stars 4 she could be a serious contender for the crown.


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The biggest surprise of Season 9 was by far Valentina’s elimination. Despite only 10 months in the business, Valentina slayed the competition week after week. Turning it out on the runway every episode wasn’t enough sadly. In her first bottom two moment, Valentina did not know the words for the lip sync for her life. Valentina isn’t likely to make that mistake twice!




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