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Frank Keating

Hidden Gems: Lesser Known Artist’s Tools For UK Illustrators

As an illustrator, I have a problem… I can’t stop buying new tools! Hi, I’m Julian; I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator for the past three years and I spend way too much on new artist’s equipment. There’s so much choice and variety out there it’s impossible not to go a bit wild. But...More Please

Top Picks for Alternative Fashion in The UK

  Picks for Subculture Fashion in The UK UK Alternative Clothing Master List Style has always been a fundamental way that we show our individuality, and it has never been easier to be able to express yourself. With beautiful alternative fashion available at your fingertips, we break down some of the best online stores for...More Please

Say Hello to your New Best Friend: Nutritional Yeast

It may not be pretty or smell particularly appetising, but it’s amazing. Nutritional yeast is full of good stuff for your brain and body. Used for years by athletes for its high nutritional qualities, it’s slowly becoming a part of our everyday healthy cooking. Nutritional yeast is a highly nutritious and versatile food that can...More Please

Geeky Subscription Boxes For UK Gamers and Fans

Everybody’s heard of Loot Crate. Odds are you’ve seen hundreds upon hundreds of YouTube videos of Loot Crate unboxings, but Loot Crate isn’t the only subscription box available for nerds and geeks in the UK. There’s a whole world of lesser known boxes that could soon be coming winging their way to your door full...More Please

8 Gadgets for Meditation and Mindfulness Practice

Never before has there been such a global emphasis on mindfulness, meditation, well-being and achieving balance. As our lives become increasingly more fast-paced, and the pressures to be ‘always-on’ become more difficult to manage, the trends towards meditation and mindfulness practices just keep on growing. But how easy is it to meditate without the help...More Please