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Smart Home

Is Buying a Smart Kettle Worth the Cost?

hot water kettle
The new generation of kettles will revolutionise its place in your life as a piece of tech. More intelligent than your average appliance, with temperature control and app integration, the humble electric kettle has the potential to save you time, energy, and money. The current selection is fairly minimal but growing constantly, with ever-expanding features...More Please

The UK’s best new fridges you can buy today on Amazon.

3d render of a light green modern kitchen with a smart fridge
The top 10 best quality fridges on Amazon and installation guide on how to get them in your kitchen. In this two-part run-down of the latest quality fridges, we give you honest reviews of ten quality fridge – freezers easily bought online from Amazon.co.uk, as well your options for smart-fridge home installation in the UK. While...More Please